Overcome a Visitor Visa Refusal

Applying for a visitor visa can be a gateway to incredible experiences in Canada, but a previous visa refusal can leave you feeling discouraged and uncertain about your future chances. We are dedicated to helping applicants who have faced prior refusals overcome these challenges and pursue their dream of visiting Canada.

Our commitment to your success goes beyond a simple resubmission. After conducting a thorough review of your case, we may suggest an alternative route that could increase your chances of obtaining a positive outcome. We believe in providing honest and realistic advice, and if we find that pursuing a different visa category or presenting your case from a different angle offers a higher likelihood of success, we can guide you towards that path.

How we can help

Our process begins with a meticulous examination of your refused application package. We delve into the details, carefully identifying the concerns raised by the assessing officer. Our experienced team works diligently to address each of these concerns, ensuring that the weaknesses of your initial application are turned into strengths. We leave no stone unturned in our efforts to resubmit a compelling application that demonstrates your eligibility and persuasively addresses the concerns raised during the previous refusal.

Overcoming a visitor visa refusal requires a deep understanding of the complex requirements, documentation, and potential pitfalls. Our team of immigration professionals possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in handling applications with prior refusals. We are well-versed in the intricacies of the process and stay up to date with the latest regulations and guidelines to provide you with accurate and reliable advice.

We conduct a thorough analysis of your previous refusal, identifying the specific reasons for the denial and the areas that need improvement. We meticulously review your application package and supporting documents, seeking opportunities to address any weaknesses and strengthen your case. Our goal is to present a compelling and persuasive application that overcomes the concerns raised in the previous refusal.

Every case is unique, and a personalized approach is crucial for success. We take the time to understand your specific circumstances, assessing your eligibility and addressing any potential issues or gaps in your application. With this in-depth understanding, we develop a customized application strategy that maximizes your chances of a positive outcome. Our firm's experience in handling similar cases allows us to anticipate challenges and proactively address them.

Submitting a well-prepared application with accurate and complete documentation is crucial. Our immigration professionals assist you in gathering the necessary documents, ensuring they meet the stringent requirements set by Canadian immigration authorities. We meticulously review your application package, verifying that all documents are in order, consistent, and properly presented. Our attention to detail minimizes the risk of errors or omissions that can lead to unnecessary delays or another refusal.

Our firm acts as your representative and communicates with immigration authorities on your behalf. We handle all correspondence, responding to any requests for additional information promptly and effectively. With our firm representing you, you can be confident that your case is presented professionally and in the best possible light.

Application Costs

Our Fee Structure for Overcoming Visitor Visa Refusals

We operate on a fixed fee basis. Our fees for preparing, submitting, and representing visitor visa applications with prior refusals typically range between $2000 and $3000. The exact cost depends on the complexities involved and the urgency of the matter.

Please note that any costs associated with obtaining the requirements for the application, such as the IRCC processing fees, travel insurance, and any necessary supporting documents, are to be covered by the applicant.

IRCC processing fee$100 per applicant (up to a maximum of $500 per family)
The fees mentioned above are current as of January 01, 2023. However, please be aware that government fees are subject to change.

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